The Art of Self-Care with Eartho Essentials
The Art of Self-Care with Eartho Essentials

The Art of Self-Care with Eartho Essentials

One of the most rapidly expanding areas in the beauty and skin care is Ayurvedic skin care product and one of the pioneers for 100% Ayurvedic product range is Eartho Essentials. There are various reasons that state  using Ayurvedic skin care is far way better than using the normal  ones as they contain certain chemicals like paraffin , PPD, PDB , Sulphates etc which do more harm then good to skin . Here's your introduction to Eartho Essentials Natural skin care products.

Best  Eartho Essentials skincare routine

The pace of collagen and elastin formation decreases with increasing age as there are hormonal changes in the body. Each person has a different skin type and unique skin requirements, it is not necessary that what works for one person will work for another. But there are few basic rules to a healthy skin care routine

1: Cleansing

This should be done first every morning and every night. Apply a facial cleanser gently in circular strokes. Towel dry after rinsing. The finest face cleanser to choose is one that has vitamins that are good for the skin, like vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and vitamin E.

2: Exfoliating

Exfoliants shouldn't be applied every day. Use them instead 2 to 3 times a week to remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin. gently massage exfoliants for 1-2 minutes ,and then rinse with normal water. You can use Eartho Essentials Vitamin C Pack as a great Exfoliant for all skin types . It is a gel base pack with goodness of Vitamin C.

3: Toning

One of the most frequently omitted stages in skin care is toning. Your skin PH will be rebalanced, open pores be made tighter and pollutants will be removed .Eartho Essentials toners assist you in all this . For Normal to Dry skin Skin Eartho Essentials offers their Rose Ark Skin Hydrating toner and for Normal to Oily Skin they have Cucumber Mint Hydrating toner.

4: Serum

Serums help your skin repair through using active ingredients and essential oils . Ideally vitamin C serum should be used during night and it helps in removal of dark spots and giving a radiant glow to your skin. Eartho Essentials Vitamin C serum comes packed with goodness of Turmeric, Honey and Licorice Extract .

5: Moisturising

Moisturising  aid in hydrating and defending the skin's protective layer. There are lipids that are naturally waxy and aid in retaining moisture in the skin. Eartho Essentials have Saffron Anti Ageing Cream for Dry Skin type. Eartho Essentials has also introduced Collegen Cream with Peptides and Hyalurionic Acid which helps skin retain moisture and stays plump!. It has a 24 hour moisture lock formula and is ideal for Normal to Oily skin type.

Night time

Under Eye Roll On

The most delicate and most ignored area of our face is our under eye area .  It is the first place to wrinkle. Even though most under eye creams,serums have common ingredients, Eartho Essentials stands out with the active ingredients such as Kojic Acid, peptides and Almond oil . Eartho Essentials Under Eye cream comes with a roll on which helps in massaging the under eye cream into your skin. This cream provides instant hydration and reduces puffiness and dark circles

Hyaluronic with Niacinamide Anti-Ageing Serum

This is the best serum in Eartho Essentials line up . This serum helps reversing the early signs of skin ageing . Hyaluronic provides ideal hydration for your skin and helps overall appearance of the skin. Niacinamide promotes production of natural collagen which improves skin elasticty thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles . Ideally 1-2 minutes should be spent massaging serum into your skin so as to skin should absorb the serum completely.. This promotes the formation of collagen and aids in face muscle strengthening.Your skin's regeneration process can be effectively supported by using a night cream.